The full range of Monitor Audio’s NEW Platinum II Series of loudspeakers is now available from Dooleys - HiFi. We have just taken delivery of the Flagship PL500 loudspeakers along with the complete A/V setup of PL150 and PL350 Centre Speakers and the colossus PLW 215 Subwoofer.

The full range consists of PL100, PL200, PL300 and PL500 stereo loudspeakers with PL150, PL350 Centre speakers and the PLW215 subwoofer. Dedicated stands are available for the PL100 and the centre speakers - all available from Dooleys HiFi.

Book your demonstration now by contacting us on 01625 264666 or by email :

For more details on the all new Platinum series, please watch the short video bellow.

Musical Fidelity have now started shipping the new Streaming Amplifier, the M6 Encore 225. We are expecting delivery the beginning of September. There has already been a lot of interest from both existing and new customers. Please contact MIKE for details. This new product departure for Musical Fidelity is already causing quite a stir in the HiFi press. The Encore 225 will be joined shortly by the Encore Connect - a preamplifier/stand alone version of the Encore 225. Prices for these new exciting products from Musical Fidelity are £3999 for the Encore 225 and £3299 for the Encore Connect




In the meantime please watch the short video bellow on the Encore 225

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FOR SALE, on behalf of our client is a Ayon Mercury - Triode Valve Integrated amplifier. The amplifier is approximately 8 years old and is in fantastic condition, having been well maintained by it’s previous owner.
Rated at 25 watts per channel, the Ayon Mercury uses the Ayon AA52B Triode valve. The amplifier has 5 line level inputs (no phono stage) and is equipped with a basic all metal remote control. Sonically the Ayon Mercury is very natural, with great bass control. The AA52B output valves are extremely robust, when new the Ayon Mercury mk I cost £4500, this is your chance to own one of the best sounding modern valve amplifiers for £1499.

This unit was originally supplied by Dooleys HiFi.

Owners Manual

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FOR SALE, on behalf of our client is a Leema Acoustics Elements MC/MM Phono Stage in Black. Unit is sold with original packaging and instructions. The Leema Elements Phono Stage was What-HiFi’s Award winning Phono Stage for 2011. SEE REVIEW

Originally priced at £495 this pre-owned example is for sale at £175.
Panasonic Television


Panasonic New 2016 Range of "SMART" Vierra LED Televisions is available from DOOLEYS HiFi.

Dooleys HiFi is Macclesfield’s ONLY Independent Panasonic Dealership.

The first new product to launch from Panasonic’s 2016 Range of Vierra televisions, is the new top of the range 58 and 65” TX- DX902 series of LED Televisions. Already the TX-65DX902 has received a AV Forums Highly Recommended Award. Receiving such plaudits as “reference greyscale and colour accuracy”, “Highly effective local dimming” and much more. To read the full AV Forums Review please Click HERE

We currently have the TX-58DX902 on display in our show room, it is a very special visual experience.
This years range will consist of an entry level non-4K UHD range the 500 series and six Ultra High Definition ranges comprising the DX600, DX700, DX750, DX802, DX902 and the flagship 65” OLED CZ952.

Full details on Panasonic’s new range can be found

Panasonic TX-65DX902B Premium Authorised Dealer Logo - TV Gold - Final
Project-Record-Cleaning Machine
NEW from Project

VC-S Record Cleaning Machine: £299

Now on Demonstration at Dooleys HiFi.

We are currently taking orders for this fantastic addition to Project’s extensive range of vinyl equipment.

Dust and dirt are common problems with vinyl playback as the stylus tries to navigate through the grooves coming across debris causing undesired noise and potential groove and stylus damage.

The VC-S by Pro-Ject is the most effective and efficient way of keeping your records clean without breaking the bank. Designed to penetrate deep dirt within your records, the VC-S uses a double strategy of cleaning fluid to loosen the dirt along with a dual brush and vacuum combo to remove the dirt and dry the record simultaneously.

The included record clamp keeps the record label dry while holding the record in place during the cleaning process and easily screws on and off for quick record change over.

The VC-S Package includes the VC-S System, Record Clamp, Goat-Hair Brush and Wash-IT fluid.

uTube Video

Key Features:

Superfast & effective record cleaner
Dries your records as it cleans
Completely clean and dry record in 1 or 2 rotations
Cleaning fluid includes anti-static remedy
Included waterproof clamp to protect record label
Optional lid available
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