The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

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While Technics is regarded as one of the Premier turntable manufactures, the history of the company also shows them to be at the front of loudspeaker development.
In 1965 Technics launched the "Technics 1" loudspeaker, a compact sealed box 2-way loudspeaker with a bass performance comparable to a standard floor standing loudspeaker, Between 1971 and 1975 Technics launched the successful SB-1000 3-way loudspeaker featuring a Dome unit and the Technics 7 (SB-700) a unique phase linear design that later influenced many loudspeaker designs around the World.
In 1986, Technics launched the SB-RX50 loudspeaker which featured a Flat, Coaxial construction driver, now in the 21st Century, Technics are back with the SB-C700 Flat, coaxial driver loudspeaker - available to audition at Dooleys - HiFi.

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