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We have been selling Musical Fidelity products for over 25 years.
Anthony Michaelson, the owner of Musical Fidelity has produced a large number of iconic amplifiers for well over three decades.
From the classic A1 amplifier of the 80 ’s to the current Nuvista 800 integrated amplifier, Anthony and the designers at Musical Fidelity, have always strived to offer high end performance at a realistic price., combined with great build quality and reliability. At Dooleys HiFi, we represent the full range of Musical Fidelity amplifiers from the compact V90 at £249, all the way up to their Flagship Nuvista 800 integrated at £8000.
The Musical Fidelity range of amplifiers has a mix of both integrated amplifiers and pre-power amplifier combinations.

Full specifications on All Musical Fidelity products can be found
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M8 Pre-Amplifier £3849

The M8 is certainly a pre-amplifier without limits. From its performance to its connectivity, via quality fit and finish, the M8 makes a superlative centrepiece for almost any system.
The M8 boasts a wide array of inputs, meeting the needs of traditional and modern home entertainment systems. It offers a low-noise MM/MC phono stage; two balanced inputs (one with home theatre bypass option); three line inputs (one with home theatre bypass option) and a fully configured tape in/out loop.
Its outputs are single-ended and balanced, and there is also a trigger control.
Technical measurements are testament to the M8's exceptional engineering: from ultra-low distortion to virtually perfect frequency response, the science supports what your ears will also clearly hear. Available in Black or Silver finishes.
Musical Fidelity are so confident of the M8's capabilities that they state "it will drive any power amplifier over any length of cable". Though obviously its perfect partner is the matching M8-700 monobloc pairing...
M8 500S Stereo Power-Amplifier Discontinued

The M8-700 has received outstanding reviews and an enthusiastic reception from knowledgeable audiophiles. The combination of high power and cutting edge technical performance has proved a compelling combination. However some customers do not have the space for two large monoblocs and do not necessarily need that much power. For them we have designed the M8-500s. Pairing it with the matching M8 Preamp gives an amplification system fit of the highest levels of reproduction.
The M8-500s is a fully balanced stereo amplifier which delivers 500wpc, which almost doubles into 4ohms. The M8-500s is engineered for very low distortion typically less than .001% of 1kz and below .005% at 20kHz. Even at the ridiculous level of 50kHz distortion is a mere 0.02% creeping up to around 0.06% at the even more unreasonable figure of 100kHz. These may be measurements of frequencies never encountered in the real world but they prove a point; that the M8-500s significant less distortion than rival designs.
Like the M8-700m the M8-500s has very lose noise. Its combination of huge power reserves, low distortion and low noise contribute to its effortless performance. It delivers everything from delicate detail to massive dynamic slam with incredible speed and precision.
Whatever style of music you listen to the M8-500s serves it up in a spacious sound stage with outstanding realism.
Its power and balance mean that the M8-500s can drive just about any loudspeaker you choose. It is, of course, the perfect partner/visually and sonically for the M8 preamp.
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M8 700M Mono bloc Power-Amplifier £4399 each

Musical Fidelity Titan flagship power amplifier, set new standards for power-amplifier performance, but they recognise that its immense power and size – plus distinctive looks and premium price – make it an exclusive option.
They therefore set out to condense Titan's cutting-edge technology down to a more accessible size and price point. The successful result is their new M8-700 700 watt monobloc power amplifier.
The M8-700 offers a compelling combination of fully balanced circuitry, extraordinary technical performance, exquisite sound, quality fit and finish and value for money.
It is the true heir to the Titan, delivering near-identical quality sound, with exceptional clarity and dynamics. The M8-700 can create a huge soundstage that's almost holographic in its width and depth. From the most intimate acoustic recording to full-scale orchestral works, the performance is perfectly placed and never feels limited.
Pair it with the matching M8 pre-amp and you have awesome amplification fit for any system. Available in Black or Silver.

- Design and Build
When MF launched the limited-edition Titan power amplifier in back in 2008, its massive power and unique design required very large dimensions and an equally hefty price tag.
Subsequent technical advances – plus immense customer interest – inspired them to develop a more affordable, more conventional-looking successor of the Titan: the M8-700.
The M8-700 is a fully balanced monobloc power amplifier, which – as its model number suggests – packs 700 watts of power into its sleek black casing. That's 700 watts RMS into 8ohms; it approaches 1300 watts into 4ohms.
That's approaching the powerhouse performance of the 1Kw Titan itself, and indeed measurements show that in action there's only about 1.25dB between them.
Like its Titan forbear, the M8-700 is engineered for extremely low distortion – typically 0.001% at 1kHz; below 0.005% at 20kHz. Even at the ridiculous level of 50Hz, distortion is a mere 0.02%, creeping up to around 0.06% at 100Hz. They may be unreasonable figures, but they prove a point: the M8-700 has significantly less distortion than rival designs.
Again like the Titan, the M8-700 is a low-noise power amplifier, with a minimal noise ratio of -120dB A-weighted.
The combination of the huge power reserves, low distortion and low noise contribute to the M8-700's extraordinary, effortless performance. It sounds almost undistinguishable from the Titan, displaying the same ability to deliver anything from massive dynamics to delicate detail with incredible speed and precision.
Whatever style of music you want to listen to, the M8-700 serves it up in a spacious soundstage rivalled only by the Titan - or a live musical performance.
Its power and balance means the M8-700 can drive just about any speaker you choose, backed by flexible connectivity options. Twin sets of speaker terminals make biwiring simple, and the M8-700's outputs can be 'daisy chained' to bi-amp suitable speakers. It is, of course, the perfect partner – visually and sonically – for our M8 pre-amp.
Reception for the new M8-700 has been highly enthusiastic. Many press reports have highlighted its more room and wallet-friendly form, while What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision dubbed it the "son of Titan".