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Along side their classic range of valve amplification, Quad have also produced a range of solid state electronics, dating back to the 33 preamplifier and 303 power amplifiers to the more recent Elite Range of electronics. Quad have now moved the performance of their solid state electronics even further with the Vena and Artera range of products.

Quad’s Vena packs plenty of Digital and wireless musical options into a compact 45w/ch amplifier - finished in Lancaster Grey. The Vena produces a classic Quad sound with a modern twist, the convenience of Bluetooth

Artera, takes more of a system approach, like the previous Elite range of products, but with fewer options.
Artera currently has two products in the range, the Artera Play and the Artera Stereo power amplifier. The Artera Play is a CD player/preamplifier with a range of digital and analogue inputs, while the Artera Stereo features the latest adaptation of Quad’s Current Dumping amplification topology that was first seen in Peter Walker’s classic Quad 405 current dumping amplifier of 1975. The Artera product range will be joined in the future by a fully specified Network Streamer - the date of which is still to be confirmed.