The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

Due to increasing manufacturing costs some Manufacturers have had to realign the prices of a number of their products. Some of these price increases came into effect on 1st January 2020, while some are due to increase during the first 3 months of this year. We will endeavour to keep our customers aware of these price increases as and when they happen.

The first price increases to take effect are from Fyne Audio loudspeakers - we have therefore changed our prices accordingly.
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We are currently selling off our Ex-Display stock of the following B&W Loudspeakers - 50% OFF LIST PRICE.

Sold with full warranty.

B&W CM1 series 2 in GlossBlack
£650: SALE PRICE £325

B&W CM5 series 2 in Rosenut
£950: SALE PRICE £475

B&W CM8 series 2 in Rosenut
£1500: SALE PRICE £750

B&W CM9 series 2 in Gloss Black
£2000: SALE PRICE £1000

B&W MTM61 S2 Centre Speaker in Black
£550: SALE PRICE £275

B&W MTM61 S2 Centre Speaker in White
£550: SALE PRICE £275

B&W MTM62 S2 Centre Speaker in White £
350: SALE PRICE £175

ONLY 1 Pair Available of each CM series 2 loudspeakers and ONLY 1 of each of the Centre speakers.
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Dooleys-HiFi have just been appointed stockists of the SPENDOR range of loudspeakers. We are proud to be associated with this British manufacturer of loudspeakers that are still designed and manufactured in the UK.

We already have demonstration stock of Spendor's Award winning A-series (A1, A4 and A7) loudspeakers and the D-Series, D7 loudspeakers.
The full SPENDOR Range is available from Dooleys-HiFi.

A-Series, D-Series and Classic-Series of loudspeakers. CLICK Here
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Luxman Audio Products

Dooleys-HiFi are pleased to announce their appointment as a dealer for all Luxman Audio products. This well respected Japanese brand has been producing high quality audio products since the 1960's - a tradition that continues to this day.

Please Visit our Luxman page for more details on these stunning products.

Dali Loudspeakers 2019 Logo
Dali Loudspeakers - Award Winning Spektor and Oberon Ranges are now available from Dooleys-HiFi along with Dali's Opticom and Rubicon Ranges of loudspeakers

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