The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

CD's and the Compact Disc Player

The most attributed inventor of CD is James Russell, who in 1965 was inspired with a revolutionary idea as he sketched on paper a more ideal music recording system to replace vinyl records; Russell envisioned a system that could record and replay sounds without any physical contact between parts. By the time his invention had been refined and further developed, it was actually a merger and adaptation of many different technologies including the laser (1960), digital recording (1967), and optical disc technology (1970s).

In 1979, a prototype CD system was demonstrated in Europe and Japan; Sony then agreed to join into the collaboration, and both Sony and Philips compromised on the standard sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and the choice to use 16-bit audio. The disc diameter was changed from 115 to 120 mm to allow for 74 minutes of playback with the sampling rate and quality chosen.

CD's and the Compact Disc Player were introduced to the market in 1986, with the launch of the Sony CDP-101 priced at $900. Advancements over the last three decades have seen constant improvements in the performance of compact disc players.

At Dooleys-Hifi we are able to offer our customers a range of CD players from several hundreds of pounds to over several thousands of pounds from a wide range of manufacturers.