The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

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DALI's range of Rubicon Loudspeakers draws it's heritage from their top range of loudspeakers the EPICON.
Many of the EPICON range of technologies have been developed by DALI for the more cost effective RUBICON Range with only a small compromise in sound quality. Having heard the RUBICON's at their North West of England launch at Manchester Airport, this new range certainly offers high end performance at a very reasonable price and a fantastic finish to boot!

Bringing you a step closer to ”the real thing”

For more than three decades DALI have been devoted to the pursuit of audio excellence. DALI RUBICON is yet another landmark on that journey. Designed and crafted in Denmark, RUBICON stands on the shoulders of the EPICON series; building on the innovative driver technology to bring a room-filling audio experience to the broadest audience. With a simple, sleek, stylish design, RUBICON elegantly brings the feeling of a live performance to your home. DALI promise you: You’re in for a fantastic experience…and we concur.

The technologies behind the RUBICON series
With the introduction of the SMC based “Linear Drive System”, we’ve broken new ground in the loudspeaker industry. Utilizing the technologies behind the SMC in the RUBICON series, DALI aim to create an extremely low distortion and maximize the level of details, even at low volume. With the drivers manufactured in-house at DALI's Danish factory, and featuring the latest in magnet motor technology, the RUBICON series is ready to set new standards for audio quality for Hi-Fi lovers around the world.

The RUBICON series comprises of 5 models: 1 compact stand mount, 3 floor standers and a LCR Wall Mount loudspeaker.
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