The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

Monitor Audio Platinum Series II

Nearly 15 years ago, Monitor Audio introduced the Platinum Series of loudspeakers to the HiFi World, with great acclaim.
The all new Platinum Series II was launched at CES (Consumer Electronics Show, January 2016) to even greater acclaim from the Worlds HiFi Press. The biggest surprise was the addition of a new flagship model, the Platinum PL500, measuring nearly 6 feet tall and 100Kg each the PL 500’s have turned out to be Monitor Audio’s statement product.

Platinum II
If a pin drops, you’ll hear it. When the orchestra plays, it plays for you, so vividly and with such effortless scale you’ll believe you’re ten rows from the stage. This is the magic of high-end audio as experienced through the Platinum II speakers. Whether it’s a power chord exploding from a towering backline, the majesty of a choir soaring in union or the spell-binding gravity of a solo performance, you’ll sense the chemistry of music and musician more than ever before.

For over forty years Monitor Audios work as engineers and audio enthusiasts has been dedicated to this unveiling. With their most advanced driver, crossover and acoustic systems set within luxurious cabinets, they have tuned the virtues that have won Monitor Audio worldwide acclaim to a new intensity, allowing rarefied audio transparency to be revealed and enjoyed. Platinum II is their magnum opus, as inspirational and satisfying to Monitor Audio as they hope it will be to you.

Monitor Audios previous Platinum PL300’s spent 18 moths in our own reference system, the new Series II PL300’s promise to extend our enjoyment of a truly remarkable range of loudspeakers even more.

The new Platinum range has all new drivers from the micro pleated ribbon tweeter through to the RDT II drivers with C Cam technology, to new ant-resonance housings and baffle technologies.
Platinum is Monitor Audio's flagship range, a culmination of many years of research and development by Technical Director Dean Hartley and his team. It's the result of 'blue-sky' thinking in driver and cabinet construction involving radical new materials, processes and designs. For Platinum, the challenge was to introduce genuinely esoteric yet affordable performance and quality to the loudspeaker market; and to achieve the most natural sound possible by focusing on each and every design detail. Supremely esoteric in nature, the range sets new standards of aesthetic quality and performance in its class.

Platinum's innovative shaped and braced cabinets are finished in a choice of lustrous black lacquer, exotic Santos Rosewood and Ebony natural wood veneers. These are hand-selected, matched and coated with eleven layers of clear gloss piano lacquer. The front baffles are upholstered in Strathspey leather and loaded with custom-developed drive units including a Ceramic Coated Aluminium/Magnesium (C-CAM®) ribbon high frequency transducer. With a mass of just 18 mg, the ribbon diaphragm has a very fast transient response and exhibits extremely low distortion. These characteristics coupled with a useable frequency range to 100 kHz allow it to capture the leading edges and natural decay of the most complex musical sounds and their harmonics. The Platinum C-CAM bass/mid-range drivers employ Rigid Diaphragm Technology (RDT) in which a core of honeycomb Nomex material is sandwiched by ultra-thin skins of C-CAM, creating a structure which is extremely light but more rigid than a steel plate. Key design elements such as the baffles, plinths, and the mid-range housings are cast from Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC®) material: a thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally damped components.