The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist


In 1982 the press announced that the Vinyl LP was dead and CD’s were the future - how wrong could they be? Well over three decades on, vinyl is on the up. First quarter sales in 2015 were already exceeding the whole of 2014 sales in this sector. Ther’are probably more turntables manufactured now than ever before, covering a wide range of prices and styles. At Dooleys HiFi we are able offer our customers the full range of turntables from Project - who are currently the Worlds largest manufacturer of turntables and phono stages.
Some of the reasons that people give when asked about their return to vinyl is it’s more natural quality of sound and the experience of handling the disc and the sleeve notes. It becomes more of an experience than putting a CD into the player and pressing play, they just feel more involved.

We currently offer turntables from Project and Technics.

Dooleys HiFi is a Project Centre of Excellence.

At Dooleys HiFi we can also supply an extensive range of stand-alone Phono Stages for your system - please
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