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£1599.00 pair Walnut, Rosso, Gloss Black and Gloss White
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The RUBICON 2 is the entry level loudspeaker in this new range. Unlike the other models in the range the RUBICON 2 does not feature DALI's distinctive Hybrid Tweeter arrangement. It does not use the Ribbon Tweeter found in the other models within the range as this would have greatly increased the dimensions of the cabinet and made the loudspeaker some what "oversized" for it's intended position within the range. It does however feature the same Soft Dome tweeter found in the other models. This tweeter is a development of the tweeter that was originally used in the flagship EPICON range of loudspeakers, to much acclaim.

Low-loss technology
The cone used in the RUBICON series draws upon the heritage from the EPICON technologies, and has a light, rigid and randomly uneven structure. This lower the complexity of the central part of the motor, ensures even piston like movements, reduces the possibility of surface resonance greatly and creates an extremely low distortion within the RUBICON series. The soft low-loss rubber surround is designed and bespoke specifically for the RUBICON series, and all of the components are situated in an aluminum chassis designed for maximum airflow around the cone and magnet system.

In the RUBICON series, DALI makes use of both the soft dome tweeter working alone, and the hybrid tweeter configuration an amazing rendering of the high frequencies. The voice coil used in the RUBICON series is designed to be very light and agile in order to achieve a broader bandwidth. This lighter voice coil is placed inside a powerful ferrite magnet that keeps a tight control of its movements. The ribbon tweeter is the master of wide dispersion and combining it with the soft dome, the tweeter module starts working as low as 2.5 KHz. This extreme bandwidth combined with the ultra wide dispersion is an important part of the DALI sound philosophy.
RUBICON 2  Specifications

Speaker Type
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]
50 - 26.000
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]
Nominal Impedance [Ω]
Maximum SPL [dB]
Recommended Amplifier Power [W]
40 - 150
Crossover Frequency [Hz]
Crossover Principle
High Frequency Driver
1 x 29 mm  Soft Textile Dome
Low Frequency Driver
1 x 6½"  Wood Fibre Cone
Connection input(s)
Single Wire
Magnetic Shielding
Recommended Placement
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]
20 - 120
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm]
353 x 195 x 335
Weight [kg]
Accessories Included
Micro Fibre Cloth
Rubber Bumpers
Black High Gloss Lacquer
Rosso Veneer
Walnut Veneer
White High Gloss Lacquer
Rubicon family wallnut ugrill

RUBICON 2 – You can hear everything!
Sempre Audio (AT)

The overall first impression of the RUBICON 1 is that the craftsmanship is flawless and refined. One of the biggest advantages of the RUBICON 2 is that it can be fitted into almost any small or medium-sized room. The RUBICON 2 is praised for its adult and sophisticated looks and performance in spite of the compact dimensions. With regards to the sound performance, the RUBICON 2 delivers a great deal of depth, but it truly impresses within the vocal ranges.

With Lyambiko’s “Feeling good”, the RUBICON 2 truly shines giving its listener both drama and clarity in every sonic detail. The sound quality of the RUBICON 2 is refreshing and lively, and the RUBICON 2 is an outstanding music partner.

The full review is available at

RUBICON 2 – Five fantastic stars from WHAT Hi-FI?

There’s no doubt that the RUBICON 2's have dazzled the reviewers from WHAT HI-FI?. The RUBICON 2’s are praised for their looks and the craftsmanship, their wonderfully agile and nimble sound, the stereo image which is simply outstanding and their impressive midrange. In other words – there’s not much not to love with the RUBICON 2’s.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“Dali doesn’t seem to know how to make an ugly speaker.”

“Play Nina Simone’s “I Put A Spell On You” and every element hangs beautifully, the piano and double bass just right of centre with percussion floating just above.”

With the track Mombasa, taken from the Inception soundtrack, “[…] the Dali’s hit with force.”

“There are dynamics, scale and authority in abundance.”

“They’re an expressive and enthusiastic listen with little to fault. If you hadn’t guessed, we’re big fans.”

The full review is available in the newest issue of WHAT HI-FI?.

RUBICON 2: Stereoplay review (DE)
Stereoplay (DE)

The compact RUBICON 2 is praised for its versatility as both a wall speaker and a stand speaker, and as for the sound performance, the RUBICON 2 provides its listener with depth and clarity. The sound image is width and with many details. The timing and playfulness is outstanding providing this little speaker with plenty of charm and enthusiasm.

The RUBICON 2 is an extreme compact speaker with a great bass, fine dynamics and with loads of joy.

The full review is available in the Stereoplay December 2014 issue.