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The RUBICON 8 is the largest floor standing loudspeaker in the range and is capable of filling very large rooms with glorious sound.

Assembled in-house, every driver in each of the RUBCION models are configured to match the model they are destined for. The three 6½ inch drivers used in RUBICON 8 all work together to reproduce a clean, detailed sound with no colouration. The RUBICON series draws upon the heritage from the SMC based ‘Linear Drive System, which was introduced with the EPICON series. With the use of the technology from the SMC drivers, we have taken a step closer to remove a very large part of the unwanted distortion. The bass drivers are optimized for long excursion, and the midrange driver for a large useful frequency range insuring that the roll-off is handled in the crossover and not in the driver. All this ensures that the benefit from SMC can be enjoyed by even more Hi-Fi lovers around the world.

In the RUBICON series, DALI makes use of both the soft dome tweeter working alone, and the hybrid tweeter configuration an amazing rendering of the high frequencies. The voice coil used in the RUBICON series is designed to be very light and agile in order to achieve a broader bandwidth. This lighter voice coil is placed inside a powerful ferrite magnet that keeps a tight control of its movements. The ribbon tweeter is the master of wide dispersion and combining it with the soft dome, the tweeter module starts working as low as 2.5 KHz. This extreme bandwidth combined with the ultra wide dispersion is an important part of the DALI sound philosophy.

The gracefully elegant exterior of the RUBICON works as the base for the low-loss drivers. In every cabinet, the mid-range and bass drivers are separated into their own chambers. Turbulence is minimized through a bass reflex port, which is placed directly behind every woofer, and the timing between the woofer and the bass port is thereby also optimized.
RUBICON 8  Specifications

Speaker Type
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]
38 - 34.000
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]
Nominal Impedance [Ω]
Maximum SPL [dB]
Recommended Amplifier Power [W]
40 - 250
Crossover Frequency [Hz]
Crossover Principle
2½ + ½ + ½ way
High Frequency Drivers
1 x 17 x 45 mm  Ribbon
1 x 29 mm  Soft Textile Dome
Low Frequency Driver
3 x 6½"  Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure Type
Bass Reflex
Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz]
Connection input(s)
Magnetic Shielding
Recommended Placement
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]
20 - 180
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm]
1,100 x 220 x 445
Weight [kg]
Accessories Included
Micro Fibre Cloth
Rubber Bumpers
Spikes M6
Black High Gloss Lacquer
Rosso Veneer
Walnut Veneer
White High Gloss Lacquer

Rubicon black 04 Rubicon wallnut 01

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RUBICON 8: Stereophile review (US)

Having tested many great speakers, the reviewer from Stereophile, John Atkinson, didn’t know what to expect when having his first meeting with the RUBICON 8. The RUBICON 8 indeed overcame his expectations, and is highly recommended due to its clear, clean and uncolored sound performance.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“[…] as the RUBICON 8s look extremely elegant without the grilles, I left them off for my listening.”

“In fact, the RUBICON 8s reproduction of the top octaves was superb.”

“[…] and the piano sounds a little more characterful in the upper midrange than I was expecting from hearing the piano live.”

“With all recordings I played, the RUBICON 8s threw a solid, well-defined, impressively stable soundstage, with precise layering of image depth.”

“DALI’s clear, clean, uncolored RUBICON 8 joins that group of high-performance loudspeakers, each of which shines light on the music from a slightly different direction, and all of which are highly recommended.”

The full review is available at

RUBICON 8: Review in Lyd og Billede
Lyd og Billede (DK)

The RUBICON 8 is truly a magnificent loudspeaker, even at a low volume. It provides the listener with a lovely engaging and precise reproduction, which simply makes you happy. The bass is punchy and deep, the tweeter is clear and the dynamic is brilliant with loads of life and joy.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“The midrange is like a wide-open window to the music. It sounds as if the speakers are much more expensive than they really are.”

“The speakers play effortless, regardless of volume. It’s like they’re saying: We have the resources to handle everything you challenge us with.”

“The sound image is big, greatly three-dimensional and very well-defined with a black background, which almost is unique in its price range.”

“We give an A+ and a great applause for DALI.”

The full review is available at, and

RUBICON 8: Review by German AREA DVD

The RUBICON 8 is the big brother of the RUBICON series – a large, classic and impressive beauty. The craftsmanship is perfect, and you can simply feel its strength just by looking at it. As for the sound performance, the RUBICON 8 manages to create a tremendously dense and credible space, both in width and depth. The fine dynamics are well proven when playing musical instruments, and the tones are pleasantly neutral in spite of the punchy bass. The treble is delicate with excellent spaciousness, and the bass is tight and strong with an accurate volume and excellent draft.

AREA DVD praises and titles the RUBICON 8 as a “masterpiece” due to the beautiful craftsmanship, enormous dynamics, excellent space, great treble and overall ability to excel no matter the challenge.

The full review is available at