The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

You cannot talk about the Compact Disc Player without mentioning the major contribution that Marantz has played in developing this modern digital format. In 1982 while under the ownership of Philips (The co-inventors of CD along with the Sony Corporation), Marantz launched their first CD Player - the Award winning Marantz CD-63 (designed by Philips).

In 1986 Marantz started to release Limited Edition versions of their CD Players - Later to become known as "KI" editions. The "KI" stands for the Ken Ishiwata, the young designer who saw the possibility of pushing Marantz engineers designs even further. Ken has continued to push the designs to even greater performance over the years.

2017 saw the launch of Ken's latest involvement with the NEW - UK ONLY CD6006 UK Edition.
Already this new model has picked up a "Product of the Year Award" from What-HiFi ? in their 2017 Awards listing. This was followed by the CD 6006UK retaining it's award in 2018 - quite an achievement.

To celebrate Ken's Ruby Anniversary working for Marantz, they have launched the limited edition KI Ruby Anniversary Amplifier and CD Player. Both the Amplifier and CD player have been designed by Ken, they are limited to 500 units.

Also picking up a significant award is the ND8006 - a complete Digital Music source featuring an SACD Player and Network Streamer.