The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist

We have been selling Musical Fidelity products for over 25 years.
Anthony Michaelson, the owner of Musical Fidelity has produced a large number of iconic amplifiers for well over three decades.
From the classic A1 amplifier of the 80 ’s to the current Nuvista 800 integrated amplifier, Anthony and the designers at Musical Fidelity, have always strived to offer high end performance at a realistic price., combined with great build quality and reliability. At Dooleys HiFi, we represent the full range of Musical Fidelity amplifiers from the compact V90 at £249, all the way up to their Flagship Nuvista 800 integrated amplifier.
The Musical Fidelity range of amplifiers has a mix of both integrated amplifiers and pre-power amplifier combinations.

In the months since Audio Running of Austria aquired the Musical Fidelity brand, they have reintroduced the M6 pre and power amplifiers into the range of products.
M6 Pre-Amplifier - £1599

The M6s PRE is effectively a preamp without limits. Its wide range of inputs, coupled with superlative performance, mean it can form the heart of almost any system, regardless of price.
It's a pure Class A design capable of driving any power amplifier, over any length of cable. It itself is easy to feed, making it even more flexible.
The M6s PRE has an array of inputs suited to both traditional and modern music sources. It has an MM/MC phono stage, two balanced inputs, three line-level connections, a fully configured tape in/out loop and a digital USB socket.
There are home theatre bypass options on both balanced and line-level inputs.
Performance is stunning. The M6s PRE sounds sweet, clear and fast, with tight, extended bass. No wonder that in his Hi-Fi+ review of the M6s range, Alan Sircom praised the M6s PRE for being "both excellent and excellent value for money."

M6s PRE - Specifications

THD(+ noise) - single ended: <0.005%
THD(+ noise) - XLR Balanced: <0.004%
Signal to Noise Ratio: >96dB ‘A’-weighted
Frequency Response: +0, –1dB, 10Hz to 80 kHz

1x MM/MC RCA / Phono
2x XLR Balanced Line Level
4x RCA / Phono Line Level
USB type ‘B’ connector for computer/PDA

Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 440 x 126 x 400
Weight (unpacked / packed): 11.4 kg/16 kg

Musical Fidelity M6 PRX power amplifier
M6 PRX Stereo Power-Amplifier - £2599

Praised by Hi-Fi+ as "a true world-class product", the M6s PRX is a 230 Watts-per-channel power amplifier with a unique Choke Regulated Power Supply (CRPS).
The M6s PRX shares the same basic circuit topology as its premium Titan or AMS50 siblings, but the CRPS gives it a technical twist of its own, enabling performance levels that eclipse its rivals.
Its awesome combination of precision and power mean the M6s PRX can drive even demanding speakers with complete neutrality.
Hi-Fi Choice said the M6s PRX has an "aura of unflappable invincibility. You can push the amp hard without ever sensing that it's struggling".
These sentiments were echoed by the Hi-Fi+ review, which described the M6s PRX as having "an effortless quality it almost makes your speakers seem bigger and better than they really are."
The M6s PRX is also a flexible design, featuring two sets of switchable inputs. Its line output sockets also allow it to be easily used in a bi-amp or even tri-amp configuration.


Design & Build

The M6s PRX shares the same high-quality fit and finish that runs across the M6s range. Its top-grade metal casing makes a style statement while providing performance-boosting solidity.
Inside the custom-made chassis sits the same dual-mono design boasted by our very best power amplifiers. But what sets the M6s PRX apart is its unique Choke Regulated Power Supply (CRPS).
A choke, which offers high resistance to AC and very low resistance to DC, offers a hugely effective solution to power-supply noise. Chokes were commonly used on traditional tube amplifiers, but we were the first to use them with transistor designs. We also exclusively use a dual bifilar choke system for the ultimate in noise rejection.
The CRPS also provides outstanding mains noise filtration and rejection, ensuring low-noise power supply performance and immunity from main-borne interference. You won't even have to think about adding a mains conditioner to the M6s PRX.
The sonic effects of our CRPS are amazingly quiet background, precise imaging and fine detail recovery. Add the power, pace and dynamics delivered by the core 230-watts per channel design and it's easy to see why the M6s PRX is described as a truly world class amplifier, capable of effortlessly driving speakers.
Twin, switchable inputs and flexible output options allow the M6s PRX to be used in a wide range of systems. Its ideal pre-amplifier partner is the matching
M6s PRE. To quote the HiFi+ review of the two in tandem: "It's the perfect combination of motive force and grace".
A true world-class product

M6s PRX - Specifications

Power output: 230 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (24 dBW)
THD(+ noise): <0.007% typical
Signal to Noise Ratio: >120dB
Frequency Response: +0, –1dB, 10Hz to 100kHz

2x RCA Phono Line Level
1x Line level XLR Balanced

Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 440 x 125 x 395
Weight (unpacked / packed): 19.7 kg / 24.4 kg