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The North West's Leading Musical Fidelity Specialist


T1 T-Line Turntables


T1 £299.00

T1 Phono/SB £349.00

T1 Bluetooth £399.00

The T1 record player boasts premium materials, stylish aesthetics, a rich, lively sound and an accessible price. It can also be accommodated into almost any environment thanks to its multiple finish options and three output versions.
The T1 is based around a stylish CNC-machined plinth featuring no plastic parts and carefully manufactured to ensure there are no hollow spaces inside, avoiding unwanted vibrations within the finished product. Mounted inside the plinth is a precision belt drive system, attached to a newly designed sub-platter, which itself is engineered to the finest tolerances for stable mounting into the stainless-steel axle/brass-bushing main bearing – the same bearing featured on the multi-award winning Essential III turntable. The sub-platter drives the new heavy, zero-resonance glass platter with absolute stability, ensuring an ideal playback surface for vinyl records.
The tonearm on the T1 is a new 8.6” model featuring a larger one-piece aluminium tube and an improved gimble bearing assembly with low-friction components for absolute accuracy in use. Mounted with an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge with elliptical diamond stylus for great sound, the tonearm is also pre-set for downforce and anti-skate settings, so there’s no need for any complicated set-up; you can get playing straight out of the box!
Finish Options and Output Versions
The T1 is available in three versions, and each version has three finish options - so you can get the exact look and features you need.


45: 0.60%

45: 0.23%

T1 Phono SB: Switchable phono/line level, RCA leads
T1 BT: Switchable phono/line level or BT, RCA leads

T1 Phono SB: Detacahable power supply
T1 BT: Detachable power supply

Speed:33 / 45 RPM manual speed change (except T1 Phono SB)
Principle:Belt drive
Speed Variance:33: 0.70%
Wow & Flutter:33: 0.25%
Platter:Heavy 8mm, blasted-glass platter with felt mat
Main Bearing:Stainless steel/brass
Signal to noise:65dB
Tonearm:8.6" aluminium
Effective arm length:218.5 mm
Overhang:18.0 mm
Effective Tonearm Mass:8.0g
Counterweight for mass:5 - 10g (pre-mounted)
Tracking Force Range:0 - 50mN (pre-set to 17.5mN for OM 5E)
Output:T1: Phono level only, captive RCA leads
Included Accessories:Dustcover, feltmat
Power Supply:T1: Captive UK mains lead
Power Consumption: